A Message from Dr. Sterman

My Philosophy

“The results of cosmetic plastic surgery should look natural, not phony or overdone.

With that in mind, it’s important to incorporate the newest techniques and technology, but only after they have been adequately tested and shown to be effective and efficient. Many times, new technologies and procedures are developed and put into use before the complications or side effects are known. It is my duty as a plastic surgeon and physician to be responsible in using these new techniques; patients count on my judgment and ability to advise, recommend, and perform procedures that really work. Too often—in an effort to be the first kid on the block, or in the desire to offer the newest, sexiest, most high-tech procedure—patient care and trust are compromised. Integrity is paramount to me, and offering a procedure that is of questionable value and expense is, in my opinion, an injustice to the people I am committed to serving.

“Plastic surgery should be affordable, safe, and effective.

“Patients should be comfortable with their plastic surgeon. The relationship between a patient and their surgeon is integral to a positive and successful experience.

“I take my responsibility to patients, their families, and my staff very seriously. My consultations for cosmetic plastic surgery can take up to an hour or more. I personally take each patient’s medical history and perform a physical exam; listen to my patients to ensure that we are “on the same wavelength”; encourage questions; and give my patients the time to express their concerns and desires, followed by a discussion of their options with the risks, benefits, alternatives, and possible complications of the procedure(s) they will be having. Since this is surgery, and patients do not exist in vacuums, I encourage patients to bring their spouses, significant others, parents and/or other family members to be involved. Whatever time it takes to make a patient comfortable, informed, and educated, is time well invested to help a patient make the right decisions as to what procedure to have performed.

“I highly recommend a follow-up consultation, even if a patient decides to have the surgery performed. This allows for both myself and the patient to ensure that any and all concerns have been addressed. A follow-up also helps to make sure that I understand exactly what the patient wants and that the patient understands what can be achieved. The pre- and post-operative periods will also be discussed. In the end, patients should be comfortable with me, with my staff, and with our decisions.

“The decision to have plastic surgery should not be done in haste. Patients should make this decision only after exploring their options and having the opportunity to speak with people who have had similar procedures performed.

“Volume is not important. Quality patient care is. Patients will never feel rushed or unappreciated. I have adopted a courteous scheduling practice to minimize waiting time.

“My fundamental value is patient care. I believe in a one-to-one relationship between patient and doctor. Patients are not rushed; they are given as much time as they need.

“In short: Everything is focused on you, the individual patient.”

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