Breast Reconstruction

Can help restore the look and feel of the breast after mastectomy

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, her world is turned upside down. Fortunately, in cases where a mastectomy or removal of the breast is recommended, women today have the option to have their breasts reconstructed and restored with many different techniques.

Breast reconstruction restores a natural, symmetrical appearance to the bosom, maintains body proportion, allows clothes to fit better, and most important of all, boosts self-confidence for women who have lost one or both breasts to mastectomy or who lack breasts due to a congenital (such as Poland’s syndrome, or amastia) or developmental abnormality. Reconstructive plastic surgeons such as Dr. Sterman strive to create a new breast and nipple that resemble the woman’s natural breast as closely as possible in shape, size and position. Methods of reconstruction can use the woman’s own tissue, such as a TRAM flap, latissimus flap, or saline or slicone breast implants.

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